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2008 terminal server published applications

Dear Experts,

does anybody know how to publish an application with 2008 terminal server that doesnt require authentication, i need all / any user to be able to click the application without being prompted for a user ID and password. I / we know the risks, this is a closed network with security in place on another level. the server is standalone (workgroup) 2008 32bit SP2

thanks in advanced.

Watch Question

I dont think you can do this with default apps on windows 2008... you have to use softwares like wise package studio/install write/install watch pro... you need to deploy the software initially with these software and need to build a package for the software... so you can put the user name and password the package must use and user logged in will not be prompted for credentials.. this is the standard way that most people used....
I found that by using the local group policy I could do exactly what was needed.

Local GPO > lComputer Configuration > Admin templates > windows components > terminal sevices > remote desktop connections >

set prompt for credintials on client computer to DISABLED


Configure server authentication for client to ENABLED (always connect even if authentication fails)



found the answer myself