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Exchange 2007 SSL issues

I have always had random issues with SSL certs on an inherited exchange box ( I did not set it up).  Today email stopped working and the event viewer had some errors about a particular cert that was expired.  So I went to godaddy renewed the cert tried to load it and its not working.  Then I found out the event in eventviewer has been happening for over a year (an unused domain, it was their .biz extension).  The .com extension doesnt expire till the 26th of this month.
Email is stuck in queue, nothing incoming our outgoing works and I cant get to OWA either.
testexchangeconnectivity.com inbound email test is all good, all green
active sync test fails on the SSL cert Validating the certificate name.
Is there a way to just remove all of the certificates/thumbprints and rekey/redownload from godaddy?  There are 8 now....
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Running a mailflow troubleshooter and I get
Mail submission failed: Error message: Server does not support secure connections..