Cannot connect to the Internet with HP Vista machine although it will ping, update,etc

Customer brought in computer - an HP Vista Premium machine, complaining of not being able to get on the internet and it running slow.  The network icon in the system tray had a warning message:"Connection Status unknown.  The dependency service or group failed to start."  Ran Emsisoft rescue and superantispware portable, both with up-to-date definitions and found numerous infections.  Customer had Norton Internet Security installed, but I decided to run AVG rescue overnight.  AVG was able to get definitions, showing that it was not a physical problem.  AVG found three trojans, but cleaning them did  not solve problem.  

Researched warning message on the web and followed advice from

 and did a SFC scan and the Netsh winsock reset and the  netsh int ip reset.  After Reboot, the error changed - Now I get that I am not connected to any network and when I try to connect, it says windows cannot find any networks.  I then downloaded and ran Malwarebytes.  16 Infections, but no luck with  the problem.

Looking for Netwrok computers, it does find the router, another computer and the networked printer.

1: Network Connections in services is started
2: AV and Spyware can update their definitions
3: I can Ping
4: I can traceroute

I tried a wireless and another wired card with no luck

It is the end of the day for me and I am heading home, so don't expect an instant repply.  I will view answers tomorrow morning.  Thanks
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I don't intend to be rude, but there are times that the best choice is to reinstall. Have you considered it?

And if you haven't why???
karllangstonSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
try looking at the DNS, it may have been tampered with by malware and set to redirect you.
check the Hosts file as well.
if the machine has lots of things being found then it is always usefull to drop down to a boot CD scan like AVG rescue disk
karllangstonSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
ignore teh last bit I just reread and saw it.  
If the Networking is fine on the boot cd then your hardware is OK so there is something in the configuration getting in the way, like DNS as I said.
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seems like something has hijacked your browser using tcphooks. try to download combofix and run it.

Hope this helps
alanvcoleAuthor Commented:
Ran Combofix - no luck in curing problem

Trying to do an upgrade installation, but he has SP2 and all my discs are SP1 so I think that is the reason Upgrade option is grayed out when I try to install inside of windows or vie the disc.

Downloading an SP2 disc now, will report back later
did you try to uninstall/reinstall IE ?
here is how :
I just re-read your post and saw that you mentioned the computer having Norton. Did you uninstall it and then install AVG? I know from years back, norton can cause issues with network coz it integrates with the tcp layers. I would suggest recirding the serial/product key for it and then uninstalling it. Then run this Norton removal tool to ensure it is completely removed. If you have already uninstalled it, run the tool to ensure all remnents are gone. Then test.

The tools is available at

Hope this fixes your problem
alanvcoleAuthor Commented:
I wasfinally able to install uypgrade with a SP@ DVD

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alanvcoleAuthor Commented:
My solution worked - thanks to all that tried to help
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