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Save changes to uploaded file

I have a web application that allows students to upload assignments.  A teacher can open it but is there anyway to save changes to the file and then save it back to the server?
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he will have to upload fixed version of the file

if it's only text document you can give him a screen to edit it and he can post it back
Bob SchneiderCo-Owner


Can I do this "behind the scenes"?  For instance, to have a "save" button, which is really a submit button, then have it delete the original file and upload the new file to the server under the same name?
it can't be done thew to browsers security policy.
user must select file to upload
you make it more

one other possibility is to use emails
person gets email with the file attached(you need to change the name of the file to be able to identify it later)
person edit it and send it back
prepare email watcher on the inbox and update the email message attachment file in the server by the file name