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Couple of issues after applying June 2011 Cumulative update - MOSS 2010

We have migrated SharePoint 2007 to Sharepoint 2011 successfully across and we had only Site deletion issue & no My site creation issues for students or staff. And after research we find that applying June 2011 CU might fix the site deletion issue, instead we now have another issue which is My Site creation for new Staff and new students.

MYSITE Setup we have:
Different sharepoint sites for staff and students
Separate site collections for Staff and students
- Staff when they accessed Student sharepoint will not be able to create MYSITE on that site as it is students site and same with students vice versa

Issues we are having:
1. Unable to delete sites
2. New students or staff unable to Create MYSITES instead throws with the Correlation IDs unexpected errors

Using ULSviewer I have the error information which I have attached to this question. log.docx

Please can someone assist me with these sharepoint issues we are experiencing.

Any assistance much appreciated.
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Seelan NaidooMicrosoft Systems Admin

have you applied SP1 yet?
Did your run psconfig after applying the update? All sorts of weird errors can happen if you dont. Speaking out of experience ;-)

More info on running psconfig:



I haven't ran psconfig.exe in particularly..
Isn't executing FARM CONFIGURATION WIZARD from Sharepoint 2010 Central Administration same as running psconfig.exe?

Can you please clarify on this?

If they are not same then I haven't executed psconfig.exe, can you please let me know where can i download this from?

Thanks very much for responding to my issue



How can I find out whether I have applied SP1 or not?

Thanks very much for your response



OOps sorry.... yes we have installed SP1

No after you have installed SP1, additional steps needs to finish the update.

psconfig is what updates your sharepoint database after the patch have been installed.

first open and administrative prompt (sharepoint shell). there u can check whatever you need to run psconfig or not by running the command:

(get-spserver $env:computername).NeedsUpgrade

Open in new window

if this returns true, psconfig needs to run to update your database.
Run psconfig from the same shell:

Change directory to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\BIN

run the command:
PSConfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd installfeatures

Open in new window



We got in to lots of troubles once we have executed psconfig.exe, Central Administration server has failed at step 5/6 that it is unable to start userprofileservice and Web server was successfull. Because it failed at last step we assumed that the updates were applied fine. Now this is where problems started,, user profile sync service stucks on Starting Status ,,, after investigating hours in to this found out the updates on Central administration server different from other server. So re ran psconfig fixed the headaches we had.

Back to the original problem:::

We have installed SP1 and applied June 2011 CU update 3 months back assuming that the site deletion issue will be resolved -- thing we forgot is we haven't executed psconfig.exe utility for any of the scenario. We thought that these updates might fix the issue we had but now we had another issue with Mysite creation. So,,
And most recently like last week, we applied August 2011 CU update and same thing we haven't executed psconfig.exe...

Question I am having is, yesterday when I executed PSconfig.exe which CU has been applied on Sharepoint server. Any way to check this???

And the Mysite creation for new users and site deletion (from with in site not from content and structure section) still doesn't works.....

Any help much appreciated.. thanks a lot so far with  your excellent guidance

The things is if you don't run psconfig you will only update the sharepoint binaries and not the related databases. All sorts of weird errors can happen if you don't update the databases. The exact technical scenario for updating the database and binaries separatley are beyond the scope of my posts but here is an official blog post from microsoft explaining the process.


Short answer is updating for example with sp1 is a 2 step process, install the binaries (the installer). Update the database with psconfig.

Regarding the mysite creation issues have you double checked all my site settings in Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage Service Applications -> User Profile Service Application -> My Site Settings


I have checked the My site settings and they all looked normal. as nothing has been altered.

Please check my original post as I have attached the correlation id error log information for more information.

Should I re install august 2011 CU update and run psconfig again? Or should I look in to applying October 2011 CU?

Thanks for your comments so far.

If you have installed previous updates and sp1 you shouldnt have to install them again. And if the command::

(get-spserver $env:computername).NeedsUpgrade

Open in new window

returns true the databases are also up to date. If you are going to install the october update plz read:
Espec. issues regarding restarting the user profile services.

You can use the correlation ID and search the relevant log files for more messages in there corresponding to that id.


When I ran the powershell command the output returns false.. that means the updates are not pending. Is this right?

I have gone through the Correlation ID error information using ULSviewer which hasn't helped me much. I have attached the log file to the original post.

My understanding is that Correlation ID error is just a link to the error in the log file. I have gone through October update and there is not much information in brief on what does it fixes?

Please can you please ascertain that this update would resolve my issue or will it creates more issues to our environment.


Yes if it returns false it means the database is up to date.

Yes i'ts correct that the correlation id error is a help when searching the log files.

I'm sorry I can't guarantee that installing the latest update would resolve your issues, installing updates shouldn't cause more issues but if in doubt you should contact Microsoft.

Good luck, sorry I couldnt help more!


Well then Thanks for all your support. If you come across any solution please let me know.


Well we resolved this issue.
Initially at setup we configured Quotas and Locks to "Adding Content Prevented" on Mysite and as disk is running out of space it locked down users to create MySites.
Changed to "No locks" all good.

MYsite created perfectly with out any correlation errors anymore.

Thanks for your support