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ASP Web Page displays product numbers as Skype numbers

VDanner asked
We are running an ASP application on a client's IE browser who likes to keep Skype running.  I know nothing about Skype.  When the web page is displayed with our company's product numbers, Skype gets involved and displays them as a Skype phone or contact number.  Is there any way to prevent this from happening for this web application, or is there a setting in Skype?
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I don't know of a server side way to change the way that a client's browser behaves specifically for Skype, but you can disable that from the client side by opening the "Manage Add Ons" dialog for IE (under the settings menu) and disabling the "Skype click to call" Add-on.

if you don't want to change your display (add some kind of character that will break skype phone number detection)

you can try encoding the number
(800) 123-4567
(800) 123-4567

or you will have to disable the browser plugin

It has nothing to do with ASP :) Skype add-on in IE (using IE?! come on...) messes with page content on any page, no matter the scripting language.