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delphi XE and database

yarekGmail asked
I have some questions about delphi XE and database components built in.
1) what would be the best components for database manipulations exclusively in memory with no files created on hard disk.

2) what would be the best delphi components for database manipualtions with no database server to be installed or deployed : the goal would be to have the lightest .exe installer possible on client PC.

There are many DB components builtin and I do not know  which one I should use.

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Software Engineer

I personally prefer TClientDataset, already available in delphi and easy to use.

There is also kbMemTable, but this does not come with delphi
Top Expert 2011
I suggest Absolute Database from ComponentAce.

Key Features:
    No BDE; no DLLs
    Single-file database
    SQL'92 (DDL & DML) support
    Compatible with standard and third-party database controls
    Single-user and multi-user mode (file-server)
    Works great on all versions of Windows - from 98 to Vista, doesn't require any updates or service packs
    Ultra-fast in-memory tables
    Unmatched ease-of-use
    Strong encryption
    BLOB compression
    Free for personal use
    Full source code available
    Royalty-free distribution


componentAce and kbMemTable are both 3rd party components.
What about these ones shipped with Delphi ?
1) is there are memory Database builtin ?
2) is there a database that does not require database server deployments at all (noether external DLL etc..) ?

Geert GOracle dba
Top Expert 2009
You are mixing up your goals.
you have 2 goals:
1: an installer, which does all the installing
2: your program, which does all in memory

1: Goal to have the lightest installer exe ?
create a installer which downloads everything from a web location
> you only need to copy and a ftp login
> then start the downloaded files
>> a command line script could suffice for all of this

2: all in memory ?
> you don't save anything to disc and a user will never call you about the 6 hours of work which went down the drain ?


I don't mix goals: I try to get the best components for my devlopments.

I have 2 different devlopments:
1) with no database files at all: so a kind of memory database

2) a light devlopment database (with some files): I just do not want my users to have to install 200megas of sqlserver first. So a light datbase with no external DLLs calls etc...

Some one has suggested KBmemory and Absolute database: that's fine.
I just prefer to use builtin delphi components if they exist. If not, I will use these external ones.

Geert GOracle dba
Top Expert 2009

what does your program do ?
what are the requirements ?
do your requirements meet the requirements of the customer ?

high performance using in memory processing doesn't work in a multi user environment ...

Ephraim WangoyaSoftware Engineer

If you look at my first post, TClientDataset can be used as a Memory dataset and it comes with delphi

If you want a light weight database, you can use Firebird and the Interbase components already in delphi

Also Geert has given you some good input you will need to consider


ok perfect.
Just last question abut firebird: what is the extension of the firebird databse ?
What extra size is the final .exe with firebird deployment ?
Is there a firebird database manager included in delphi for table creation etc ?

Top Expert 2011

@ mlmcc,
I recommend split points (37247842, 37248217, 37249473)

@ yarekGmail,
>   what is the extension of the firebird database?

>   What extra size is the final .exe with firebird deployment?
The exe will not change, you will need to install firebird or provide the supporting files along with your exe.

>   Is there a firebird database manager included in delphi for table creation etc ?
No, Delphi does not have firebird DB Manager.
But there are firebird database management software which do not come by default with Delphi or firebird.
Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
Most Valuable Expert 2011
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