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Page Peel

I recently installed page peel from www.avramovic.info on my wordpress site.  It works great.  However, a client of mine wants the same thing but have the page peel appear only on one or two specific pages.
How do I get this done.
Thanks in advance
Running wordpress version 3.2.1
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

There are no built-in options to do it.  How comfortable are you mucking about with PHP?


Pretty comfortable.  Just need guidence.
Don't talk to me.
So if you look in the plugin folder, you will see pagepeel.php and in there, look at line 200:

      add_action('wp_footer', 'pagepeel_addjs');

What the plugin does is add itself to the footer whenever the footer is called so it does it without discrimination. Worse, wp_footer takes no arguments so it's not like you can pass it anything either.

My guess is you would have to really expand the code in the plugin to make it check for a certain page ID or an array of page IDs and if it matches, then it deploys the peel code.  But as written, that looks to be a bit of a challenge because it has no hooks present.  You would have to kind of restructure it...


Needed more detail.  But it was correct