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DFS for HUGE files

kswan_expert asked
We're considering replicating some backup Veeam images/repositorys offsite using DFS on Server 2008 r2 Std x64.  Does anyone do this and how well does it work for huge files?  2 of the files are 111GB and 288 GB respectively.

Will it work and anyone doing this? Alternatively, if not using DFS how do people do this for huge files. These won't be replicated real time but scheduled for overnight.


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The issue is that your staging area would need to be at least 288GB to accomodate the largest file and depending on the bandwidth you allocate, nothing else could replicate during this time period for quite some time.

You can use this online file transfer calculator


Not sure why you would replicate versus have the backup go directly to a remote system.

i.e. serverA windows 2008 R2 with VM you would back it up to serverB since there is no reason to have copies of the backup on both, presuming you have snapshot backups on the local system

i.e. unless the hardware on serverA fails when you would need to restore from backup, or bring the VM up on the second server where you are backing it up to.
A VM experiencing a failure after an "update" can be repaired by going to the previous snapshot which I believe is significantly smaller that the total space a VM has allocated.