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Exchange 2007: Deleted Items

InfoTechEE asked
Is there a way to prevent users from being able to delete items from the deleted items folder, and just have the server automatically clear items older than 60 days from the deleted items folder?
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hope this helps...

In the Exchange Management Console (EMC) check the policy tag applied on the Deleted Items folder and change the default value of 7 days to whatever days you need.
To create a new one:
New-RetentionPolicyTag -Name "Deleted Items" -Type DeletedItems -MessageClass * -RetentionAction PermanentlyDelete -RetentionEnabled $true -AgeLimitForRetention dd:hh:mm:ss

(d = days, h = hours, m = minutes, and s = seconds)

to prevent emptying...in an Active Directory network environment:

Install the outlook.adm file into group policy:
(keep in mind the Outlook version you are using in your company)
OUTLK9.ADM            Outlook 2000
OUTLK10.ADM            Outlook 2002/XP
OUTLK11.ADM            Outlook 2003
OUTLK12.ADM            Outlook 2007
OUTLK14.ADM            Outlook 2010

Using the Group Policy Management Editor, to remove access to Empty Deleted Items:
- Setting: Disable Items in user interface…Custom… Disable command bar buttons and menu items
- Enable Setting
- Click Show…Click Add
- ID 1671

You should also prevent users from permanently deleting emails (shift+delete)
- Setting: Disable Items in user interface > Custom > Disable Shortcut Keys
- Enable Setting
- Click Show… Click Add
- Type 46,4… save