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not able to delete iSCSI target, stuck showing inactive

megaman5 asked
We are using Microsoft iSCSI initiator, with 4 targets, and 4 portals... we have MPIO set up on both of them.  we would like to remove 2 of them, but even after deleting them in favorites and discovery tabs, they are showing in the targets tab as Inactive.

Even when trying to disconnect the 'Inactive' ones, they dont go anywhere.  We have rebooted, etc.

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Senior Technical Lead
To remove an iSCSI target

In the console tree, click LUN Management>>In the Actions pane, click Manage iSCSI Targets>>In the Manage iSCSI Targets dialog box, in Select a subsystem to manage, select the subsystem for which the target you want to remove was created>>In Targets available on this subsystem, select the target you want to remove, and then click Remove>>In the Remove Target dialog box, select Check here if you want to remove this target, and then click OK to remove the target>>When you have finished removing the target, click Close.

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I dont think that solution is for windows...
This is actually working as normal.  Each portal advertises all targets.... closing question.


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