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What should be the port confguration on Elastic Load Balancer to access my application as https://abc.xyz.com?

Hi I have created a Load Balancer on Amazon cloud. Selected https protocol and 443 for LB port and 80 for instance port.

Uploaded SSL certificate private and public key and completed the process.
Now am able to access my application with ELB generated URL but its http. I want application to be accessed as https://abc.xyz.com

Port configuration in ELB properties shows: port 80 forwarding to port 80
                                                                    port 443 (SSL certificate name) forwarding to port 80

immediate help would be appreciated.

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I think it should be backwards:

port 80 redirect to port 443
port 443 redirect to port 443
your configuration allows both http and https.
Does https work at all?
If it does - remove port 80 forwarding to port 80 and stay only with https.


Hi Shalomc,

I am happy to see you replying. Assuming my issue is resoved.

Https is not working at all. Changed port config as below still  no luck.
port 443 (SSL certificate name) forwarding to port 80
port 80 forwarding to port 80

One thing i noticed is if i remove 'port 80 forwarding to 80' and make port configuration for only 'port 443 (SSL certificate name) forwarding to port 80' cannot browse application itself. Which mean its taking only port 80. No idea where am i doint mistake. Is anything to do with SSL Ciphers. I have not checked any options under SSL ciphers.

Please guide me to resove this issue.

How did you create the certificate? Did you buy it or issued your own?


We buy it from Digi Cert.



Now ELB URL works with https.  But issue is  in showing up images (CSS/files) in side the application through ELB. All image spots are cross marked, warning at the bottom as "Only secured contents are displayed" 'Show all contents' ?

 Where as when browsed directly to instances images are shown properly.

While setting up ELB, I have chosen custom SSL Ciphers as below. Would like to if any of these blocking the CSS/files ?