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Exchange 2003 - Activesync issues

Our mobile users randomly lose access to their exchange mailboxes. The fix for this is to restart IIS. I am not sure what the problem may be. Here are some of the errors that I am seeing in the logs. This happens at least a few times a week. Any help in tracking down the root issue and applying a permanent fix would be amazing!

An error occurred on the socket that is used to process AUTD notifications.  The error code is [10055].  As a result, AUTD has been uninitialized, but it will be reinitialized upon receipt of the next Ping request.  If you continue to see this message, restart IIS.

Unexpected Exchange mailbox Server error: Server: [] User: [] HTTP status code: [409]. Verify that the Exchange mailbox Server is working correctly.
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Have you configured the SMTP address on the device? To configure the SMTP device address on a Smartphone

On the mobile device, click Start, click Settings, click More, and then click Owner Information.

In E-mail Address, make sure that the e-mail address is correct. The format of the e-mail address should be <10-digit telephone number>@<Carrier name><.Ext>

If you still facing the issue, please have a look at these MS articles

"Good Luck"
You might need to configure the Exchange Application Pool to Recycle itself regularly to prevent this from happening.

Open up IIS Manager and expand the Server node, then the Application Pools and then right-click on the ExchangeApplicationPool and choose Properties.

Set the Recycle worker processes (in minutes) to something like 1440 (24 hours) and see if that helps.
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That was a good suggestion and something I had not thought to do. I changed the setting but encountered the same problem where our mobile users stopped being able to sync. Any other suggestions are much appreciated.
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event id 3005:

Unexpected Exchange mailbox Server error: Server: [] User: [] HTTP status code: [503]. Verify that the Exchange mailbox Server is working correctly.

I see several of these events in the logs.
Well - was worth a shot!

Next option that might help here is to reapply Exchange 2003 SP2.  It won't hurt and quite often helps.  Nothing has to be removed first unless you get a whinge from the server about IMF.
A lot of the 3005 errors can be ignored!

Worth running through my article to check your settings are as they should be:
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That is a good tutorial, all of the settings were correct. I've deployed so many exchange servers and have had to troubleshoot many types of problems but this is a strange issue and is intermittent. The only errors I am seeing in the logs I have made available here. I can try to reapply sp2 and see if that helps.
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Reapplying SP2. Would it also help to rebuild the IIS portion of exchange?
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I reapplied the sp and after rebooting the information store service failed to start automatically with error "The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service terminated with service-specific error 0 (0x0)" which is event id 7024. I was able to manually start the service and then start the dependant services as well but it still makes me nervous. As far as the mobile sync issue, I will have to give it some time to see if it reoccurs.