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Upgrading two different iPhones to iOS4

Mr_Fulano asked
I have two 3GS iPhones. I'd like to upgrade them both to iOS4, but have a question about profiles. I'd like to ensure that I don't lose any of my data on each phone, so how do I create a profile for each in iTunes and then upgrade each phone under its individual profile?

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Aaron TomoskyDirector, SD-WAN Solutions

You cant upgrade to an iOS that apple isn't signing unless you jailbroke them in the past or used tiny umbrella to save the blobs. You can only installe the latest iOS.

Plugin to iTunes, right click the device, backup. Install the new os. When it's done, it will ask if this is a new device or restore from backup. Choose your backup. By default this will include everything except music which you will have to re add manually.


aarontomoskyDate, did you even read my question...??? Who is talking about "jail-breaking" the phone?

I want to upgrade my current OS to iOS4, which can be done on the 3GS devices. My question isn't even about how to do the upgrade...my question is -- how do I create a profile for each phone, so I can not lose the data from the 1st phone when it tries to make a backup and of the second phone under the same profile, which happened to me once before.

Here is the question again as it appears above: "how do I create a profile for each in iTunes and then upgrade each phone under its individual profile?"
Mr. Fulanom,

good question indeed,
and yes you can do that, create 2 new user accounts in your pc, and use them for your individual iphones in iTune!



Hi Bawer, thank you for your suggestion. I think that was my original mistake...I used the same user for both phones.

Thanks again,


Very good advice. Direct and to the point. Thank you for your help!
you are most welcome fulano