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Keeping the same profile when moving to a new server

I have a new physical server with the same identical settings as the old server. IP, naming, even structure mapped drives point to, etc etc. The only difference is the new server is Win2008 and the old is Win2003.

I was hoping to just have the user machines log on to the new server and not have to go through any hassle with a changed profile. Is this possible?  I have already had to hassle with the trust relatiosnhip issue and delete/readding to the domain (which caused a new profile).

Suggestions?  Thank you in advance!!!
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Do a robocopy all users profile folder and make sure to update new 2008 server details in group policy. Once you update ask users to logoff and login to check new map drive details.
Are the servers in the same domain?
If so it should not be a problem.
If it's a Domain controller, make sure the DNS entries are correct for the server.

If you have created a new domain, then that's your problem. You have basically created new users for everyone and you will have to generate new profiles.

You can copy the folders over locally.

Other option would be to bring the old server back up,
create a tempory DC,
remove the original server
Install new server into domain hosted by temp DC with name and IP of old server.
remove temp DC

That will keep profiles and such the same.




The new server has the same domain name and IP info including DNS.

So I can at least copy the folder info from pne profile to the new one?

SEKARC4U - can you elaborate? What 2008 details? And just robocopy from what level?

You'll have to recreate the profiles, Windows 2003 uses v1 Profiles, Windows 2008 uses v2, the same with Windows XP and Windows Vista/7.

Agreed you cannot do this
Right, I don't think you can do this!
Sorry buddy.

I tried it from the same server and was a pain in the but.
Ended up using Foresit User Profile Manager http://www.forensit.com/downloads.html
But I was doing it from 2008 to 2008 and you are doing it from 2003 to 2008 so you best test it first.

Best of luck buddy.


Than you anyway!!!  I appreciate the assistance.  Merry Christmas.