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File Workflow in Sharepoint 2010

casit asked
We have Sharepoint Foundation 2010.
We are developing a workflow to manage the process of approving a file.
the tricky thing is sharepoint can't modify this file.  I only want it to rename.
Is this possible?
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Workflow actions on files run under the users permissions, does the user firing the workflow have contribute permissions on the library?


They will have access yes.
However the workflow is
file comes in one directory.
user approved in directory a
user copies to directory b
user has email sent informing 2nd user to approve
2nd user approves and then file is renamed and then copied to another folder.

Is that possible?

Are you using sharepoint designer?
I don't have it on this pc (and you may have already checked) but try testing a new workflow on a doc library and check to see if there is the ability to rename a document (after all a doc is just a list item). If so then you could add this to your existing workflow.