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Creation of Bulk Distribution Groups

Kamalasekar Parthasarathy
Dear Experts,

I need to create a bulk distribution Groups in Exchange 2010.

This group should be as Universal Security Group. and the name as Group1, Group2, Group3, etc.

Like this i need to create 600 Groups. Kindly please let me know, is there any command/scripts to perform this task.

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Do you have a list of the groups?

I have had this issue before and I used Excel and the Concatenate funtion to build multiple dsadd commands.  I copied that into a text file, savved it as a .bat and ran it.  Worked like a charm.
Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging Support



Yes.. i have only the list of Distribution List names in excel sheet. but i need to know, what are the details needs to be filled in excel apart from names to create the bulk Mail enabled universal Distribution groups.

Please sugesst in more detail.


give me a list of 5 of the group names and i will attach a sheet for you.  please include the OU where you want them placed.
Kamalasekar ParthasarathyMessaging Support



Please find the list of some group names:

HR Personnel Admin Housing Group B
IT Operations TL
Legal Advise
EX01 Exp & Prod
Planning Performance Management
IT Operations Personnel
Engineering Construction TL
IA Secretary

OK, here you go.  Fill in the group info sheet and you will see the other sheets populate.  to add extra lines in the dsadd tab or mail enable tab, simplycopy the formula down.

highlight the cells in the dsadd tab and copy/paste to a text file and save as a .bat.  run it from your DC.

highlight the cells in the mail enable tab (if you want to mail enable these groups) paste it in text  file and save it a .ps1 and run it from the EMS.

good luck!