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Exchange Active sync and Android Galaxy SII

Hello All

I've been pulling my hair out over this for a couple weeks. I have a client who is using a Galaxy S2 on ATT network. He can connect to the exchange server using Exchange sync Via HTTPS. but only get's some of his mail. He has a couple rules that change where mail arrives if sent to different domains within Outlook. I have other users that have rules but no one has the trouble this user has. The other thing is if I set him up in my phone It works great. I’m on Verizon and am using an htc phone. I know he’s syncing on this phone because he gets calendar and contacts when connected. Anyway I’m running out of ideas so I’m throwing it out here in hopes for some brilliant advice.
Thanks in advance
1 Solution
if you provide a little more information on this. Has he configured it in his email application or he is using it through web page. Which protocols is he using to sync if in email application.
drivenitAuthor Commented:
He is using https with the exchange sync that comes with the android OS.
You say that he has rules, do the rules move the mails to certain folders in his mailbox? and if so , are these folders created on this exchange server or are they inhereted from some other server/mailbox?
i've seen problems when folders aren't created on the server but on a previous one (exchange/kerio/whatever)
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Vaseem MohammedCommented:
"He can connect to the exchange server using Exchange sync Via HTTPS"

whts the error message you get? msg while configuring the account or when you try to access the "Mail" on S2.
drivenitAuthor Commented:
Setasoujiro - yes his rules were created before we migrated to this exchange server. Do you think recreating the rules would help?

Wasim - he does not have issues connecting to exchange, That is the weird thing he get's connected and can see his Calendaring and Contacts
Vaseem MohammedCommented:
OK, got it
Did you check the number of days to sync?
You can find it under "Settings/Period to Sync"

Hope this will solve ur issue.
drivenitAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much for answering guys..

I ended up resetting the phone to factory defaults and that fixed it. So must of been something corrupt on the  phone itself.

Thanks again
drivenitAuthor Commented:
resetting phone was last resort but i should of done it first. It was a brand new phone so there was nothing on it to have to backup.
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