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Microsoft BPOS or Office365 - can we do archiving/journaling to external mail server?

sidartra asked
We are planning to deploy Hosted Exchange solution with BPOS or Office365 for a small subsidiary office.

Are we able to record a copy of all in/out emails for Hosted Exchange Solution? We are thinking of a simple solution of forwarding all emails to an external IMAP server with hugh/cheap storage e.g. 100GB for US$25 per month etc.

For inhouse Exchange server we could set journaling. But not sure if such option is available for Hosted Exchange.

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Office365 point of view.
journal function really depends how you architect it. Office 365 support journal from E1 plan onwards


if not, you should architect it so all your incoming email will touch your own gateway before reaching office 365 and make sure office365 send all emails back to your own gateway before heading out.
but doing so, internal email could potentially not being journalled.

but again, this is all about what you want to achieve at the end of the day :)