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how to put an image in a infopower grid cell ...

trevsoft asked
Hi Experts,

Im having an issue trying to get a tick and a cross embedded in the first column of a Infopower TwwDBGrid.

What im trying to do, based on a column in the grid i want to put a tick or a cross.

I want the field to be a calculated field like that its an easy representation for people looking at the grid, instead of highlight the rows in different colours.

Thank you in advance.

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There is an event on the grid for drawing the cells in a custom manner.  I would use that event to draw the image to the cell.  The drawing could be based on a calculated field that would be a 1 or 0, then use that field to determine which image to draw.
Top Expert 2010
image field can not be a calculated field.
What's a 'tick' ?? A checkbox?
That field can not be calculated either....
Check box is a true/false field.
I believe infopower has the fields editor incorporated through which
you can set the fields property. Still not sure what are you trying to accomplish ....