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Sonicwall Connectivity

itubaf asked
Dear Experts,

i have two sites, detail as follows,

site A 10.10.10.x
Site B 192.168.168.x

i am having sonicwall @ both sites (E5500, NSa3500).
VPN was working but v slow so i decide to upgrade to 2MBPS, now ISP has setup ISP Modems and both are fine. now i have many issues.

since i have two different subnets i establish new VPN by connecting both modem port to SNA wan and its connected but i am not getting 2MBPS.
is there any way that i can connect both network using any device eg, cisco switch? or using sonicwall.

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few basic thing you can try....only upon the details you have provide....i think you are doing site to site ipsec based vpn

1. configure both the modem in bridge mode
2.give static ip directly to sonic wall
3. crearte tunnel and make them in active -active mode.
4. open necessary in between vpn tunnel.
5.while tunnel is open ..don't download in a huge amount or check any huge download is going on or not...if ...please stop the download


i tried what you wrote but still no luck, actually IPS/GAV/.... security services are causing issues. since VPN is created via WAN , thats why it reduce my bandwidth. if i diable all services it works fine but technically its not possible otherwise no use of Sonicwall UTM.
don't stop UTM services...just restrict down load...and if possible create bandwidth queue and dedicate bandwidth for mail and browsing