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SBS 2008 expanding C: partition, is it possible

WORKS2011 asked
SBS2008 is it possible to expand the C: boot partition? SBS2008 with C: and D: drive. C boot D logic. RAID5 configuration.
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If the unpartitioned space is right behind C:, then it is easily possible. You just need to go into diskmanagement, right click on C:, then select extend Volume.

If on the other hand you have a D: partition that comes right after C:, with no unpartitioned space in between, you can't do this easily with built-in tools. Although you could reduce the size of D: using diskmanagement and it's "Shrink Volume" option, the space you free up will be after D:, and not between C: and D:. You'd have to use a 3rd party tool to move D: to the end of the drive so the free space becomes available for D:, as there is no move volume option in diskmanagement.

a free opensource 3rd party tool that might help here is the Partition Editor included on the PartedMagic LiveCD, but for this to work the tool will have to properly recognize the RAID controller as a RAID controller (If the tool sees the array and not the physical disks connected to that controller, then it works). Proper Hardware RAID controllers will usually be properly recognized, whereas the fake-raid controllers won't be recognized, as those usually only provide drivers for m$ OS's. In some cases it might be possible for PartedMagic to also be able to work with those controllers, there are different boot options you can choose from...


If you can't get it to work properly with PartedMagic you can also use a commercial product. Paragon offers the least expensive of those:


A further way to do this would be to make a backup of D:, delete D:, enlarge C:, then restore D: to the rest of your space. This should be possible using the built-in backup tool of Windows 2008.
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Yes, it is possible. You need either to delete D: and then Extended partition to use Windows Disk Management - Extend option or use Paragon Partition Manager mentioned above. But in this case you need to follow the instructions shown in attached video.
It is video file packed into selfplayer. Change the extension back to .exe from .png and enjoy the video.
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I used partemagic and everything went well.