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Folder Redirection Offline files GPO

livegirllove asked
I migrated from SBS2003 to SBS2011.
On the SBS03 My Docs was redirected to the server and offline files enabled.  Syncs on Logoff.
On the SBS2011 it redirects desktop and my docs and makes them available offline.

All the workstations properly moved the files to the new server and are available offline.

I then deleted the Old folder redirection GPO and decommissioned the old server.

I have users that are getting logoff errors on folder sync because they cant contact the old server.

For testing I cleared the offline files cache via registry and rebooted.
This gets rid of the error on logoff and it doesnt look for the old server.

The problem is that the Desktop and My Docs are no longer available offline.

I right click the My Docs folder and it gives me the option to make it available offline.

I poked around in the SBS2011 folder redirection policy but cant see were it configures the offline part of the redirection.

I gpupdate/force on the test workstation.  Logged off and on 4 times.  Its still not kicking the offline files part back to life.

Any ideas on why it wont sync anymore and also the preferred method for removing the old server from offline files during a mgration.
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Dave AlfordIt Support

You could re-initialise the offline folders - ctrl+shift and click delete in offline folders control panel - however, that will delete ALL off-line files and resync with server version so ensure files are sync'd before carrying out.


i did that.  well i used the registry.  same thing.  The problem is its NOT resyncing.  
Dave AlfordIt Support

Have you installed client side preferences update on PCs?


yea.  all the group policys seem to work other than this one not reappling after clearing the cache.  I also cant find where in the GPO it actually says to set it to available offline.  The only GPO i see in not configured and it allows you to disable automatically setting a folder to available offline.  This makes me think the default behaviour of a redirected folder IS to be available offline.  It just doesnt seem to be happening.  I may test on a second box tomorrow just to see what happens.
It Support
Have you run Group Policy Results wizard and checked what policies are (or aren't) being applied?
Check policies for
Computer Configuration
      Administritive Templates
              Offline Files
It sounds like you have something configures there.

Another one to check is the Offline Files service is running on the clients


these are XP machines so no offline files service.  I ran group policy results and there is nothing related to offline files configured.  I looked at all the GPOs myself as well and all are not configured.
I originally formatted the offline files DB using this reg key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\NetCache\FormatDatabase
I went back and looked and it is now gone so I assume it deletes itself after running?
I went ahead and did the ctrl-shift delete on the offline files and rebooted. They still arent syncing back..

I havent had a chance to test another machine on the lan yet.  ill try that this weekend.
Dave AlfordIt Support

Anything in event viewer?


well this is annoying.  I tested clearing the offline files on a different PC using just the ctrl+alt+ delete on the offline files tab.  Rebooted and all the files resynced no problem.
So then I tried the registry key method on a 3rd PC.  rebooted.  Files synced right up...
So I guess I just have one PC being stupid and it happened to be the first one I did.  Bleh.  ill just disjoin and rejoin it and see if that kicks it loose.  otherwise I think this can be closed.
thanks for the help.