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Incorrect Mailbox count in Exchange System Manager 2003 SP2

FOSnet asked
We have an issue in Exchange 2003 where at least one users mailbox is showing far more items than are actually present in the mailbox.  They were a newly created created user which is how we became aware of the issue.  We have used PFDAV Admin to check the actual mailcount and at that reported there were 655 items (including hidden folders for Blackberry etc).  ESM reports over 18,000 items!  

We have tried an ISINTEG and ESEUTIL /d on the database but without success.  
Now I'm lost!  

Thanks in advance
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I've seen this before where ESM reports a different number of items. From what we found, it was an internal ESN issue and never caused a problem and no users have ever reported missing mail.

We have 55 accounts in Exchange 2003.


I am certain it is not an issue and mail won't be missing.  unfortunately the onsite admin won't get off my case until it is dealt with!!  I am loath to spend money calling Microsoft for a non-issue.  
Thanks for your response though.  


Any other suggestions?

Eventually paid Microsoft  £180 to solve this - issue was a missing entry in the registry as per article: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/aa998143(EXCHG.80).aspx


Fixed by Microsoft Support