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How to set iis 7 folder to only view in local network and not the internet

awolarczuk asked
Hi all i have a folder on my iis that i would only like to be able to be be viewed on my local network and not on the internet, how do i do this ??
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Option I

You can create an FTP site and prodive access to the specific USERs
If you feel hard to add each user, Create an ActiveDirectory Group and provide permission to Group.
If any new user needs add the user to Group.

Option II

In the Virtual directory (VD) properties enable the "List directory" by checking the chexk box "Directory Browsing" in the "VIrtaul Directory" tab of the properties

In the "Direcotry Security" tab of VD work on the "Authentication and Access Control"
check the below link for more Info


sorry my bad i explained it wrong, it is a site that i would only like to be viewed on my local network notthe internnet, sorry aobut that
In Generaly.
If you have deployed your site in an machien inside the netwrok then teh site will be accessbile only to local user.

If you want your site to be accessed outside then it need an Public IP and domain registration.

check the URL
You have 2 options:

1) Setup the site using host headers and create a unique DNS name on your internal network. Then supply this name under the listen section of the site (default is * and port). The site will then only respond to that host name (can be spoofed with a host entry though).

2) More secure option is to limit it to a range of internal IP addresses. See the link below for details:
Note (not mentioned in article): Make sure to mark the "Access for unspecified clients" to Deny in the "Edit Feature Settings..." dialog