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Looking for cheap SSL certificate for OutLook anywhere

Hi Experts,

We have hosted our Microsoft exchange server on a remote location and I'm willing to use full exchange capabilities including OutLook anywhere.

So I'm looking for below certificates, can you please recommend a one with a brief explanation about the reason to choose it.

COMODO PositiveSSL Certificate

Cheap RapidSSL Certificates from Geotrust

Godaddy Standard SSL

Thanks a lot !
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It Support
Go Daddy works for us but, like with a lot of 'cheap' CA's, you need  to also install their intermediate certificates
Dave AlfordIt Support

and the reson - cheap, quick, self services, on-line guides on how to install
If you want an SSL for Exchange for all the features and want to make it work 'easy' then you should consider getting a UCC/SAN SSL certificate, they cost more, but may make your work easier.

Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware Engineer

I would give http://certificatesforexchange.com/ a try. Or generate them yourself, which requires you push out your CA cert to mobile devices, but given you can generate a 30 year CA to push out, you tend not to have to do that much once the initial rollout is complete, as opposed to repeatedly buying certs at silly money every year :)
You need a SAN certificate for exchange 2010/2007 to work with full functionality.

Certificate should include:

public FQDN : mail.domain.com
OWA or WEB.domain.com ( optional)
Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware Engineer

Why not try (for a first instance) generating a 30 year CA and then signing your own SAN cert in XCA (http://sourceforge.net/projects/xca ), stick the CA cert on your webserver, and prime a couple of devices with it so that you can test how it works?

Its free, so if you don't like it, it only cost you the time to download and generate :)
Svet PaperovIT Manager
Disclaimer: I am not involved with any SSL vendor, so I am speaking about my experience with UC/SAN certificates.

I’ve tested GoDaddy and DigiCert and I’ve chosen DigiCert https://www.digicert.com/easy-csr/exchange2010.htm because they have this import tool that can take the request file created from your Exchange server. However, they are at least twice more expensive than GoDaddy's UCC.

Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware Engineer

yup. and nobody is as expensive as verisign :)

UC/SAN is a complex one. most sites charge significantly more for them, which is a bit outrageous when you note they are just some additional data fields in the cert - still, they charge more for a wildcard too, and that is identical other than having a * in the name :)


tnx !