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Changing the default management VLAN on a 3COM BaseLine 2928?

Xeronimo asked

I've got the following problem ... I got a 3COM BaseLine Switch 2928 and I want to configure the VLANs on it. I'm able to do that but is it possible to change the default VLAN to access the Web Interface to manage the switch? I've read somewhere that it's only possible in VLAN 1??

That would be a bit annoying because we've got the following VLAN situation ...

VLAN 1 (legacy network, 158.x.x.x)
VLAN 20 (local network; 192.168.x.x)
VLAN 30 (some other network)

Meaning: years ago there was only one VLAN, namely VLAN 1 with public IP addresses (even though it was a local network!). We obviously needed to change this in order to finally use private IP addresses. In order to migrate our computers to the internal IP addresses we created a second VLAN (20). So that is now our main or standard VLAN. The legacy VLAN (1) isn't actually used anymore ...

So I'm able to connect to the web interface of the switch from my PC when giving the VLAN 1 interface a 192.168.x.x address ... but is that the way to go? Since we usually only use those addresses in VLAN20? Or doesn't that matter?

I've got a second switch, a HP ProCurve, and there I was able to define the VLAN 20 interface as the one that I can use to connect to the switch. So I wonder if there is such an option on the 3COM as well or if I'm stuck with VLAN1?

Yes, this is quite a mess and I don't really know much about networking ...

Any help is appreciated!

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Top Expert 2011
Here is an extract from a user guide for 2948 switch:

VLAN1 is the management VLAN. You can only manage the switch
through a port that is an untagged member of VLAN1.

I think 2928 does not have this option as well




Thanks. But I'm currently figuring all this out ... I'm able to connect to the switch now using VLAN 20! It seems I get this to work as I want ...
Top Expert 2011

Good for you! :)