How to deploy a captured image to other clients


I'm new to WDS, but now I have installed WDS on my Win2008 r2 DC.
Have installet one Install image and two boot images. One for captureing images from reference computer.

Now I have captured a image and uploaded to my server.
I's now located under Install Images.

But HOW do I use it to produce more computers?????

I't does not show up in the boot menu, only the two original images show.
I've tried to use Multicast Transmission, but are still not figuring out how to..........!

Can you help me?
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once you have setup your boot files
create a group under install images
you expand your boot images folder and right click on your boot file and select create capture image.
fill in a name and a location
i think it helps if this location is a network accessable place as this *.wim becomes your new image

when u boot from network boot from the client you boot into the capture image and follow the prompts and name your install image

when finished

boot from your next client and select the original boot image not the capture

once booted as long as network is working and you can talk to you WDS you should be able to select the file u named in the boot from capture step
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