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Transfer files to Windows 7 mobile

Hello all,

I need to transfer files to the SD card on HTC HD7 however the SD card is not removable - how can I do this? Opening up the drive in Windows Explorer would be ideal.

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yeah transfer it to your PC once and then to your mobile its much safe
Wow! What does these links have to do with this question.

First of all WP7 was not made to allow the devices file system to be accessible to the user. Due to the internal files associations, the OS would have to convert the media files added via zune.

Here is a link that would allow you to copy files directly: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=874079

Yes, ironically Windows 7 desktop OS and HTC or other makes of Windows Phone 7 do not have a sync option of docs, major issues when you force it to work as the device then will not natively sync music or other eg pictures etc via the sync software.
Would suggest that if you need to sync content, try and email the files etc from the user on the Windows Phone to their web based account (email the file to themselves) so that as long as the option to access that specific email with attachment on their desktop is the only practical way around it at the moment.