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CA Enrollment problem & error

Hello All,

today I am experiencing error on one of our server(check file). I disabled local group policy to enroll any certificates for user or for computer. but this error still appear. I don't understand it. Probably on DC there is no CA installed, so error is in place. But why still appears in logs when I disable the enrollment.

FW logs looks clear, no packets dropped.

Thank you for your time and answers.

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Check that DNS are running fine.


I run all checks regarding netstat and nslookup. All is done succesfully, no synsent packets, even if I monitor it right through client login. But error still appears.

Probably I can ignore it, as there is no problem with functionality of OS and connection with domain. But as administrator I am really interested in, why it appears when i disable it. Domain policies rewrite local policies? maybe it is because of that...
CA is online and running? If you are disabling CA this error is normal...


Probably there is no CA installed on DC or DNS. And I  wonder why system still want to enroll this certificate... if i disabled it in local group policies for computer same as for user.