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How do I get spool file to print off in landscape?

I am using a WSCST to get *SCS prints with Chinese charcters to print. However, prints wider than 80 chars are printing in portrait and data overprinting. How do I get it to print in landscape?
In the WSCST source I have tried making the orientation for PORTRAIT the same as LANDSCAPE to try and get something out in LANDSCAPE but to no avail.

  DATA ='1B266C334F'X.
  DATA ='1B266C334F'X.

We have recently loaded appropriate fonts from IBM (Simplified Chinese) and prior to this project the prints with 198 characters automatically rotated. I have not changed the PAGRTT parm on the PRTF it is still *AUTO

Any assistance greatly appreciated.
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

DATA ='1B266C334F'X looks right.  You might want to change the RTT180 and RTT270 orientations to match:


You might want to capture the Host Print Transform output and see what is actually getting generated:


- Gary Patterson

Application Consultant
PAGRTT(0) = Portrait
PAGRTT(1) = Landscape

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