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Disk reads high, cause?


We have a server where every now and again (days apart) it beguns to run very slowly with disk reads high (other key indicators are ok). I am not asking how to use perfmon, what I am wondering is, is there a way to find out what application is causing the high disk read?


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At the point the hard disk starts reading high do you have ample spare memory?. This could be caused by a memory leak causing physical memory to run out and forcing the machine to swap memory to and from virtual memory (hard disk) explaining the high usage.

Otherwise you need hard disk logging software monitoring its usage but this would put further resource strain on your server and the amount of logging necessary would mean a lot of further resources.


Thank you 'The King'
It appears there is spare memory, about 1gb. So I could go on instinct, which tells me the new Sophos Hosted Endpoint Protection AV (we used to have Sophos) is the problem. I could uninstall this, put Sophos on and wait a couple of weeks, I guess and go from there with a process of elimination. I have scheduled a weekly reboot also ...