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I had to give a new colleague access to a shared resource via a mapped drive so I used my login credentials so that he could work whilst our IT department organised his login details.

His login is ready now but I can't get XP to forget my credentials and use his to log onto the resource. He and I have access rights t different areas on the resource.

He can choose to log on as a different user - but the system doesn't remember his credentials the next time he comes to log on to that resource.

My rudimentary approach has been to disconnect the mapped drive, restart the pc and re map the drive but it still remembers my login details.

Please, how do I rectify this?
Gary CroxfordOperations Support AnalystAsked:
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RicardoTeixeiraConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Insted of using mapped drives you can use a batch file with these commands:

net use \\[our shared resource] /delete (use this to delete old connections)
net use \\[our shared resource] /user:[user] [password]

put the batch running on startup for example
davealfordIt SupportCommented:
You can disable domain password cache in the registry -
 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\

   ValueName: CachedLogonsCount
   Data Type: REG_SZ
   Values: 0 - 50

Gary CroxfordOperations Support AnalystAuthor Commented:
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