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RDS on Windows 2008 R2

We have recently rolled out vMWare and our users are connecting to 2008 R2 terminal servers to run their apps. The Dell servers are highly specced, 64Gb RAM, great processors, back end storage is a Dell SAN, again highly specced. Users are experiencing the issues below when on site where the equipment is and also offsite as a sateleite off. Connectivity is a 15Mb leased line at site A where the equipment resides, 2Mb SDSL into our IPVPN solution with Zen at the satelite office where there are 14 users.

Generally rhe users are happy howerver we have some intermittent issues that we cannot resolve. These are the terminal servers freezing for anything from 10-30 seconds daily plus when users are typing for example in word our outlook there is a lag and when it catches up sometimes the letters come out in the wrong order.

Thought our AV solution may have been causing it but the 'AutoUpdate' has been disables to ensure best practice performance in a terminal server environment.

Not a great deal of specific info here which I appreciate but then again we are relying on information from our end users and this is the best we have !!

Any help would be gratefully received.
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What sort of latency are you getting between sites?  

When the terminal server 'freezes' is it the whole session that freezes or just one or more apps?  Are all users on the server affected at the same time?


yep appears to be all applications, the whole desktop seems to freeze. I have found some patches from MS and applied them to no avail. I'll check re : latency but this happens to clients who are on the LAN where the terminal server and Dell Equalogic are as well.


Hi guys, still having this issue. It is causing us lots of problems. Each user at our remote sites is now having these issues. We are getting 1.2 - 1.5 Mb bandwidth on our SDSL circuits.

I have looked at the write cache options as I found some info out on this also but all to no avail. The default setting for best performance is set.

Primarily the users are moaning most about the lag when in excel going between cells, composing emails and in word documents, they type, the screen freezes and then catches up but jumbles up the words they have typed.  Help please.