move mailbox Exchange 2007 CCR and outlook cached mode activated issue


i need to move 1000 user from one CCR to another one.

all Exchange 2007 server use the same AD site. i Have 3 DC/GC dedicated to Exchange (static domain controllers ).

i have test the move mailbox, for user without Outlook cached mode, it work fine after restart outlook 2007.

For user with outlook cached mode activated, outlook still disconected!!.
the only solution  i have to make profile work is to change manually in the profile the exchange server.

i need to now if this is a now problem and if you have any solutions to help me.

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it seems you autodiscover service is not working properly, you can test it from Outlook by holding ctrl key while pointing to Outlook icon and test E-mail autoconfiguration, fro there you will see the errors, most likely it will be in the names set for autodiscover URL or certificate.

You may also try to exclude the URL of autodiscover "the server name by default" from web proxy in I.E and test one machine, if it worked you can enable it by GPO to all machines
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
I faced same issue recently, microsoft told me to disable the cache mode before moving the mailboxes. Big Pain.
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