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How to get started with SAS


I know SQL but recently my job requires me to start using and learning SAS, I know that SQL has management studios what is SAS UI equilvant where I can query and produce reports.
And is there a free version out there like SQL management studios express editions


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Reports are developed in Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) which ships with versions of SQL that have SSAS.  If you have Visual Studio, the BIDS functionality is added to it as well.

Management Studio connects to SSAS databases the same way that SQL Server is connected.  You just point it at the server instance.

Express doesn't support SSAS, but if you are running SSAS, the copy of Management Studio that is in the installer you used will support it.


Hi jmcvinney,

Thanks for this, I am following some tutorials online and they refer to SAS as having a UI please look at the links


OK, that is a completely different product from SQL Server.  We need to clarify here.  Is the SAS you need to learn "SQL Server Analysis Services"?  That's the business intelligence product that's part of SQL Server.  The acronym is SSAS and is pronounced "SAS".

The product you listed is actually called SAS and is a business intelligence product from the company named SAS found at http://www.sas.com/



Yep I need SAS i wanted to know what the name of the UI for SAS is


It looks like they discontinued their free edition.  The least expensive version I see is the professional learning edition at $199 per 6 month subscription.  You can find that here:

There is also a full set of tutorials and classes here:

A search for "SAS Free Download" turns up quite a few places, but they look like they are all foreign versions.

The name of the software is "PC SAS"