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How to publish Visual webparts and workflow to MOSS2010

RamzyNEbeid asked
Dear all
I am new to SharePoint development
I have my dev environment which contains MOSS 2010 and VS2010.
I did create workflow and visual web parts.
Everything is working fine on my test environment.
Now it is time to publish these visual web parts and my workflow into our production environment.
I want to know how I can do this?
What are the available tools for this?
What is the simplest and safest way to do this?
One more thing what if I uploaded my workflow and I make some changes later in my VS2010 and then now I want to upload the new version again without changing the current version?

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Jayaraja JayaramanSharepoint Architect Consultant

use an wsp builder  to create a wsp package to deploy it in ur farm


how to do this and how to deploy it in my farm using powershell or there is something better than the power shell?
Jayaraja JayaramanSharepoint Architect Consultant
if you are using vs to create webparts install wsp builder from http://wspbuilder.codeplex.com/
and when you have the built the code
right click on the project and choose, wsp, build wsp package
open the solution folder
you ll have a wsp file
install it using stsadm if you are in 2007 and powershell if you are in 2010

stsadm –o addsolution –filename “D:\Deploy\MySharePointSolution.wsp“

We used the following command to deploy the solution once installed to a specific web application:

stsadm –o deploysolution –name MySharePointSolution.wsp –url http://myspwebappp –allowgacdeployment –immediate

If we would upgrade an existing solution, we would use the following:

stsadm –o upgradesolution –name MySharePointSolution.wsp –filename “D:\Deploy\MySharePointSolution.wsp” -immediate

And finally, we used the following commands to retract and delete a specific solution from the web application:

stsadm –o retractsolution –name MySharePointSolution.wsp –url http://myspwebapp –immediate
stsadm –o deletesolution –name MySharePointSolution.wsp

Now, let us see how we could do above operations with PowerShell. For this, we use the following PowerShell commands:

Add-SPSolution “D:\Deploy\MySharePointSolution.wsp“
Install-SPSolution –Identity MySharePointSolution.wsp –WebApplication http://myspwebapp –GACDeployment

If you would like to add the solution as sandboxed, you would use the Install-SPUserSolution command instead. To upgrade a solution, we specify which solution is to be updated and with which new solution file:

Update-SPSolution –Identity MySharePointSolution.wsp –LiteralPath “D:\Deploy\MySharePointSolution.wsp” –GacDeployment

To retract and remove a solution, we use the following commands:

Uninstall-SPSolution –Identity MySharePointSolution.wsp –WebApplication http://myspwebapp
Remove-SPSolution–Identity MySharePointSolution.wsp


thanks for your reply
but i want to tell you that how can i publsih my workflow which developed on VS2010 and attached to a list that i already created before in MOSS?

my second question is if i made any change to this workflow how am i going to publish it on MOSS without affecting the current one that working with some items in the list?


any reply ?
Most Valuable Expert 2011
Awarded 2010
You many need to get your terminology right. MOSS = Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, which is the 2007 version.

There is no MOSS 2010.

The server version for SharePoint 2010 is called SharePoint Server 2010.

I feel that details like these matter. If you don't even know what product you're running, or what it's actually called, how will you stand a chance to find information about it?


thanks for telling me, i am very opened minded to any comments since this comments will add avalue to me.


now can you please tell me how can i add a workflow to SharePoint Server 2010?