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SharePoint 2010 Bulk uploads + drag and drop to internet explorer

Hi all,

Does anyone knows how to perform Bulk uploads  or preferably - drag and drop of docs' to internet explorer?

Thx in advance
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If the feature sets are installed correctly, the Upload Multiple Files should be available in the Upload File menu.


Thx for the swift answer!

When trying to upload a file, i can't see the the Upload Multiple Files option.
In addtion the drag-n`-drop feature is much more important to us.

Within Documents folder, on the right side there is a View drop down list, if you click it, it presents you with an option of viewing the folder in Explorer.

You can then drag and drop.

I believe this is only available if you access SharePoint in IE.

Also, the multiple upload features is also only available in IE.
If you are not using document approval or meta-data tagging, you can just use the Explorer View (or UNC)


Copy and paste via Explorer


Thx !