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I have an NEC voip phone that I need to reset the admin password on.  This is the password on the phone after you hit  hold  conf * #.  Anyone have any clue how to do this.  I changed it a few months ago when I started setting these phones up.  Now i need to go in and change IP addresses.
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cannon4aAuthor Commented:
Called NEC and returned phones under warranty, as they stated that this cannot be done.  thanks for all the help
Frank MayerTechnical Voip SupportCommented:
i dont know anything about NEC Voip phones.
Look at the manufacturers home page for those information.
What is the exact product name ?? I may have a look at your problem.
Do you have access to the NEC MAT?  For the NEC 2400, SV7000 and SV8500 systems the command to remove passwords for IP stations is RDPD.  You can also use ASPW (and LSPW to display all) for assigning and changing passwords for IP stations.  If you assign by user group, it will affect all sets in that group.  

Or do you have a different model?
cannon4aAuthor Commented:
Update from the vendor
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