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DNS folder msdcs

IT_User asked
I currently have two sites main site and small site, main site has all servers with static ip addressing and pc’s with dhcp, two vcentre servers communicating via a two watchguard firewalls.  On our pdc we have the following configuration in DNS:

Forward lookup zone

      (pdc info and ip)
      (sdc info and ip)

      NS – pdc
      NS  - sdc
      Host – records for subnet 1 (main site subnet)
      Host – records for subnet 2 (small site subnet)
      Host – records for vcenters at both sites

      NS – Our old server that no longer resides on our domain

My question is what does the msdcs container do and should I add both primary and secondary domain controllers as name servers in this container, will this have any immediate effect on my network and will the server require a restart to activate the new settings?  Is it safe to then simply remove the old name server record from this folder?  I assume this should have been removed as part of the dcpromo when the old server was removed, however, this was done by an external company so I have not checked up until now.
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sorry should have made the above a little bit clearer  The msdcs.domain.int appears to have all of the correct entries.  It is a sub folder of domain.int folder named simply msdcs that contains an incorrect entry.  It is this folder that i am unfamiliar with.  Thanks.
Top Expert 2012
You should remove the old DC record. The msdcs.domain.com zone is a delegation created from the msdcs folder listed under your domain.com zone. Adding records to the delegation is a must and removing them manually is required.

You don't need to do anything except add the record and delete the old record. The affect will not cause any issues on the domain


Thank you for your assistance, domain records now appear as they should