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Automatic parsing and summing up of items

Hi experts!

I have attached an example file that is quite simple. I would like to know how to do the following:


1. Go (down) through column A line by line
2. If the "name" (e. g. "Item 1) has not been found before, Then it should be written into the first empty row of column E and the value should be added in row F ELSE only the value of Item 1 should be added to the corresponding entry in column F

1) I want to use this function to parse large lists that contain a lot of invoiced with customer names. Finally I want to have the invoice sum for each customer.
2) I would like to generate a simple bar graph from that, a simple coding example as a starting point would be ok for me to figure out the details, a simple bar graph would be ok
3) In addition I would like to add another column "date" so that finally I can get an overview of invoice sums per month per customer

I would be happy, if I could attach this function to a button in the ribbon so that any user could use it, provided the list has always the same columns (customer name, invoice sum...). It should be a "one click" process for a clearly defined input list.

Thank you very much in advance for helping me!

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The easiest way is a pivot table.

Insert a row at the top so that you can label the columns.
Label the columns A and B to something like "Item" and "Value"
Select columns A and B
Insert > Pivot table
Select Existing worksheet
Point to E1 and then click OK
From the pane on the right drag Item to Rows and drag Value to ¿ values
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