CENTOS webserver gives error: 503 Server busy


Our Centos webserver gives the following error when conecting to the website:

503 Server busy
Cannot connect to database server, please check settings and try again.

What could be the problem?


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Can you post the last few lines of /var/log/httpd/error_log when you hit the error?
cdronAuthor Commented:
I found the error_log but how can I view the file from a console?
There is no GUI on this server and I'm a newbee to working with the console.
tail /var/log/httpd/error_log
copy paste the output
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cdronAuthor Commented:
I made a printscreen. Error
Is your DB server reachable from your Apache server or is the service running?
Do a ping and see if the port 3306 is accessible (make sure iptables is not blocking)
cdronAuthor Commented:
It looks like I don't get a connection when connecting through telnet to port 3306.
That could be the problem unless mysql is configured to listen on a different port.
Login to the Mysql server and see if the service is running. If yes, see if the iptables firewall block access.
cdronAuthor Commented:
Project was stopped.

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cdronAuthor Commented:
Client stopped the project
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