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Exchange ews authentication

Jon_Holtan asked
Due to upgrading our calldesk software we were asked by the provider to turn on digest authentication on our ews service (cas server). After I did that we got an error message in office communicator client saying "Type your credentials to retrieve calendar information from outlook".
Obviously i've turned off digest authentication and everythings looks fine again.
Any tips or tricks for things to check, config etc.


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Jian An LimSolutions Architect
Top Expert 2016

it would be some problem with the office communicator client.
I hope this problem does not exist on Outlook

next question will need to verify is the OCS client version

I will recommend to check on cumulative update as well


I don't know anything about office communicator, but it may help your situation if you can create another web site on the server (you can only have one EWS vdir per site), and point your calldesk software at that.  I am presuming that you can configure this software with a particular server name or IP address, which would direct it to the new EWS vdir, which can have digest auth enabled.
Or, you can try to find out why the calldesk software needs digest auth.  I've never heard of anything else that needs it.  As far as I can tell, it makes the user name case-sensitive, so that may have been your original problem if the software has been configured with its own system account.
IMO, i never used the "Digest-Authentication" for the CAS related activities

Default settings for Exchange-related virtual directories in Exchange Server 2007

Default settings for Exchange-related virtual directories in Exchange Server 2010

>> can you try and see if your software can end-at some other IIS-server with the "Digest-authentication"...from there any config. file\XML to point-link the EWS URL on the CAS-Server


Hi, sorry for my late reply.
The case was returned to the developer of the calldesk software.
Not yet a solution though.