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excel date time column format issue

blossompark asked
Hi Experts,
I am running a report on a web portal and exporting the results to a csv file.
When I open the report in excel, I am getting 2 different formats for date/time even though on  the website they seem to be identical.
I( want  the format  to be the same
I’ve tried formatting the column in excel but I still end up with 2 differing formats
Any help appreciated.
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click on the cell, then click on the right mouse button
select Format cell
select Number tab
select Date in the type(right hand side) select the date format type then click ok
What's your system date format?

mm/dd/yy   dd/mm/yy

From your screenshot most probably 11/12/2011 = Dec 11, 2011 where 10/23/2011 = 10th day or the 23rd month. That’s why system does not see it as a date.

When you open the CSV file in Excel it does a best guess as to the format you want which causes issues such as this.  Instead try importing the data into Excel and during the import tell Excel that that field is a text field.  That will force Excel to import it exactly the way it was exported from the web site.

Hope this helps.


Hi ukerandi, Magadu andPyronFirewalker, thanks for all your responses...unfortunately I still have the issue, but I am going to live with it for the time being, the dates are accurate, it is just  the "look" is the issue.
once again thanks

Did you try what we mentioned, its should be work.
Why not try to use same date format in WEb page and Excel, then it will display same