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HP Data Protector Express - restoring data on another HDD, another PC

Fellow experts.
I'm tired and need help. Out Primergy server has crashed and I need to perform a restore of the OS.
As it's impossible to do it on the faulty machine (no recovery DVDs, OBDR doesn't work), I've attached the Ultrium 448 drive with its' SCSI controller to one of the workstations.
My plan is to recover data to a SATA drive and thene clone it onto the hardware RAID in the server.

The problem is trivial I think - I don't know where can I select DESTINATION for the recovered files ;)
I can select the data set to be recovered, but am unable to select the destination.

Can anyone assist with this hardcore problem?
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OK, I think I'm getting a handle of it.
In the window when you have to pick up Selection (source) you have to use the Move option for chosen files/folders.
And there's the problem - after picking the Run option the error occurs:
Error 4: Invalid Handle
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What kind of machine/server are we talking about here?
Is this a Windows Server? 2003/2008?

Original machine was WinSrv 2008 R2.
The machine I'm trying to perform restore on is Windows 7 Pro x64.
OK - I've figured it out. You have to do this one folder by one :| But it didn't work anyway.
We had to install clean OS and then perform System State recovery and such...
Resolved myself.