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Procurve 6120G/XG blade switch cannot upload configuration

Morning all,

This is my first ? under my own account (previously I had a corp account with my old job) but here goes. Hopefully you guys can lead me in the right direction.

Before I start here is the hardware and firmware I'm working with:

1- HP c7000 Blade System (OA 3.21 ver)
4- HP Procurve 6120X/XG (Ver Z_14_28)

The switches are in bays 1-4. Here is the issue I’m having. I'm trying to upload configs to them via xmodem (serial connection or usb direct to switch via mini port) ...during the upload transfer I notice in hyper term a "Got Retry Request" message ...maybe 1-3 retries then hyper term shuts down....switch asks to be rebooted (which is fine) but no upload of the config is the result.

During this process I’ll also get pop up saying "transfer cancelled by remote system" or Unresponsive request" ....very weird since I was able to upload the configs on a different c7000 with same switches using same process on same firmware.

I've also noticed if I try to go through the web console to the switch and upload the config that way I get the error "Upload failed! Line4. Invalid input : dos_filter" ...again this is me by passing xmodem and using the web manager of the switch to upload the config. My bay 1 switch will not even bring up the web which is another deal in itself.

Is this an OA issue? have you experienced any issues similar to this before? any suggestions or recommendations will be appreciated. I'm stumped..been t-shooting this for over a week now on my own new to blade systems. I've went through all of HP documentations, so I maybe over looking something that a more seasoned tech may know.


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I also just finished completly powering down the vm servers and switches in that same c7000 enclosure then powered down the enclosure...I physically swapped OA cards. I then powered up the enclosure with all the VM server blades off and left out all bay 1-6 switches (5 and 6 are fiber).

I verified that ebipa address in the OA were all set to N/A for the interconnect bays. I then place bay 1 switch in (this is the switch that would not display web manager) allowed it to power up, and did a 0, then "recover" to set it back. After 15 minutes..did "setup" command and set up IP/Mask, turned off spanning tree, set DG the basics. Then set up oobm interface address and gateway. I also set up the crypto key and cert (just cause) along with authority manager username and password. wrote all to memory then rebooted switch.

refreshed topoloy in OA web interface then I was able to access the web manager. I'm on my way back to try and load the configs now via serial. Will keep you posted.
I set up a vlan on the switch ports and just ran tftpd32 to get configs on the switches.

Completely not how I wanted to resolve it, but it's done.


just setup vlan on the switch, give it an ip and ethernet it to your oobm workstation with tftp on it. Start tftp server on your workstation and enable tftp client on the switch...on the tftp server (I'm using tftpd32...select "put") file will transfer. You can also set the switch for both ways and set workstation as the client.