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Exchange 2010: Database and Application + Logs on different RAID-Sets

Hi there!

I plan to install Exchange 2010 on a physical server using a RAID1 for OS, Apllication and Logs and another RAID 1 for the Mailbox Databases.
How do I install that szenario. DO I have to install the mailbox role onto the second RAID Set and the other roles to the first RAID Set?
On Exchange 2003 you could set paths for the logs, databases etc.
How can I realize that on Exchange 2010 setup?
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I would create the first RAID 1 set into two partitions:
D: Exchange Binaries (install Exchange to this drive)

I would then create the second RAID set to hold the databases/logs. Ideally you would have more disks (so you could have a third raid set which could hold just log files).

Just to be clear, if you host the database and log files on the same drive, you run the risk of data loss in the event of a logical disk failure i.e. the raid controller fails and corrupts the logical drive. In this scenario you would have to restore from backup but you would lose all transactions that occurred after the last backup completed. To safely co-locate db & logs on the same drive MS recommend that you have at least 3 copies of the databases in a Database Availability Group (DAG).
Well thanks for that hint but how do I install the database to the second RAID-Set?
Where can I set the path to the database?
Or do I have to install the mailbox-role to that second RAID Set
if you can't find the option during the installation you can move your database after.

take a look here :

Install Exchange using this command line. It will place the Database to the M drive - change the path to the location you want....

Setup.com /mode:Install /Role:C,H,M /TargetDir:"D:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server" /InstallWindowsComponents /ExternalCASServerDomain:webmail.domainname.com /MdbName:DB01 /DbFilePath:M:\ExchangeData\DB01\DB01.edb /LogFolderPath:M:\ExchangeData\DB01