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Adobe Reader opens then immediately closes from website link

wringers asked
I have a website containing over 800 published Info Pak documents with links to PDFs within the site.  When a user clicks on a PDF link, Adobe Reader (V9.4.6) opens for a second or so and then immediately closes.

My PC has both Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat on it.

Any suggestions?

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Version you have listed of Adobe Reader is an older version, would suggest that you goto the Adobe homepage and update to the latest one which is Adobe Reader X.

Other option, which I personally prefer, is to download via www.softwarepatch.com;
Link for full installer is http://www.softwarepatch.com/graphics/acrobat-reader.html  - select click here to download

Uninstall old version of reader, reboot, then install Adobe Reader X (full install version), load then check for updates, (seems to fix issues you have highlighted re opening via web), close then restart application.

Other option, which also needs checking, which web browser are you using?
Goto tools, options, programs, manage addons, find the adobe plugin option and check to see if it is installed and whether or not it is - enabled or disabled.
Close web browser, preferably IE, then load again, try replicate issue.

Final tip, some users I support have had issues with a browser security option, check those settings via tools, options, security.
Also verify you have the latest version of Java, some sites which use pdf's work off Java so if you have the latest version it does invariably help.
Check which version via link.
Thanks Andrew :  Here is how I rectified the problem.

As I mentioned, I have both Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.4.6 and Adobe Reader 9.4.6 on my PC.  Apparently this causes an issue with links from webpages.

Solution.  I installed Adobe Reader X and changed the registry entry to open Reader and NOT Acrobat.


Changed Default key to :

"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe"

This works.  My links now open from the web page without shutting down.


I add the part about changing the registry
Hi Wringers - thanks for letting me know, hope the info I posted was of use.
Kind regards