XP RDP authentication error

I have problems with a remote connection from my XP system to a remote SBS Server.

Initially I was unable to make the VPN connection because whilst I had service pack 3 installed I had not enabled network level authentication. Having edited the registry to allow this the VPN connection works but RDP fails with an authentication error 0X80090303
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TomPreenAuthor Commented:
The last comment has a broken link on the web page.

I have persuaded the server support to disable network level authecation and I can now connect.
Please have a look to the link below, It is about your error of authentication
good luck
TomPreenAuthor Commented:
My problem relates to XP this relates to Vista
Hi TomPreen,

Microsoft has release a patch that is not available with windows update to fix this problem.  You must
manually request this patch to fix this specified problem.  The installation of this patch requires a
reboot.  You can request this patch by going to:

TomPreenAuthor Commented:
No solution was required because requirement was abandoned
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