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Can i run existing vba macro with DAO when client does not have MS access?

WLLadmin asked
Our company is poised to purchase a few new laptops.  In the interest of saving a few dollars on software, I would like to know if i could get away with downgrading from Office Pro to Office Business Suite on each laptop.  The problem is that i don't know whether i can run word and excel VBAs which query an access database using machines that don't have MS Access.

Putting it another way:   Is it possible to successfully run a word vba on a machine that has office business suite (which does not come with MS Access) and use the DAO to connect to and pull info from an existing access database?

I'd appreciate some input...thanks!

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Yes, importing/Querying  data should work......for VBA you have to create some references if missing, but there should not be any problem, importing/querying external data.

Good Luck!


I appreciate your weighing in on my question!  :)
It would be a rather large problem if it doesn't work - That being said:  Is it worth the hassle of uninstalling access form a client machine and then trying it out...?  

Why don't you just download office business suite (without access) trial or evaluation copy and just try it out with that since you gonna buy that...see if it works.


Thanks!  I checked it out on a machine that doesnt have Access....so glad it works!  :)


Thanks again!